Vision and Mission

We focus on leveraging machine learning and data science as well as uncertainty quantification techniques to develop frameworks for probabilistic analysis and optimal planning and operation of complex infrastructure systems in order to maximize social welfare and minimize the adverse impacts of low-probability high-impact events such as natural disasters.

About Negin Alemazkoor

Dr. Alemazkoor is the Assistant Professor in the Engineering Systems and Environment department of the University of Virginia. Her research interests lie at the intersection of applied math, computational science, statistics, operations research, and engineering. Specifically, she conducts interdisciplinary research to develop computing- and data-centric as well as uncertainty-informed approaches to improve efficiency, reliability, and resilience of smart and interconnected infrastructure systems.


Our group works on different projects that develop new machine learning and data analytic methodologies to solve challenges pertaining to the smart and resilient infrastructure systems.


Contact Us

Negin Alemazkoor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Engineering Systems and Environment

University of Virginia
102-F, Olsson Hall
151 Engineers Way
Charlottesville, VA 22904

Phone: +1 (XXX)-(XXX)-(XXXX)