“Teaching is the profession on which all other professions depend” – Linda Darling-Hammond.

SYS 2001: Systems Engineering Concepts

Taught: Fall 2022

The course is designed to provide students with real-world systems engineering practice. Specifically, three major dimensions of systems engineering will be covered, and their efficacy will be demonstrated through case studies: (1) the history, philosophy, art, and science upon which systems engineering is grounded; including guiding principles and steps in the ‘systems engineering approach’ to problem-solving; (2) the basic tools of systems engineering analysis, including; goal definition and system representation, requirements analysis, system assessment and evaluation, mathematical modeling, and decision analysis; and (3) system and project planning and management.

SYS 6582: Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification 

Taught: Spring 2022

In recent years, advances in computational techniques have led to the development of simulation models of complex real-world systems. To effectively utilize these simulations for reliable system analysis, it is vital to acknowledge the inherent uncertainties in the systems and properly propagate the uncertainties in the input parameters through the computer simulation. 
To this end, uncertainty quantification (UQ) approaches help us identify, understand, characterize, trace, and manage the propagation of uncertainties in a system.
This course presents an introductory review of the prominent UQ approaches and equip students with the basic UQ tools that help them handle uncertainty and perform probabilistic analysis in their field of research. Specifically, lectures will provide basic introductions to probability and stochastic processes, data analysis, estimation and inference, sensitivity analysis, surrogate modeling, sampling methods, Bayesian computation, and optimization under uncertainty. Additionally, in this course, we will have several guest lectures by prominent researchers in the UQ field from diverse backgrounds in engineering.